Author Topic: Amps taken away after 20 years  (Read 12187 times)


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Re: Amps taken away after 20 years
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[quote author=OP8S link=topic=3118.msg27453#msg27453 date=1400do not ever take your service provider word as gospel they seem to bee in crisis mode &I are going through  team managers at a fast pace an example is a new manger takes over he truly thinks he will have running in his vision in weeks  realty hits. him very quick &I within a month or to he will be gone these people have no idea about true medical issues they are simply mangers & reality quickly sets in.227797

Why change things when they have years ( 20 in your case ) of working successfully ? Do these people not have anything else better to do, like getting users into treatment rather than harassing those that are already in treatment & functioning well !

Makes my blood boil !

Just because your new provider *say*  that you don't have the right of a 2nd doesn't mean that you don't, they're probably just saying that because they're have a good reason to believe that the 2nd opinion will go in your favour & make them look like the shower of shit that they appear to be.

Have you sent a letter of complaint to your local MP ?
golden rule (1)google the orange book and if posible this bookbis fact and sadely was written in stone what iswritten as gidliles are N.I.C.E approved  ! sadelly the new N.I.C..E guidlines have been muddy,d by certain docters who some how stradellboth N.H.S and private ie have the cake and eat it ,o a d' !but as stated each pacient is an individule.