Author Topic: No Concerns or Compliments ?  (Read 10011 times)


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Re: No Concerns or Compliments ?
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The lady from  CAB is re-sending the 5 complaint's back to the GMC as they didn't think any of them were serious enough to warrant getting involved , which maybe they weren't  taken as a one off . All complaint's were very similar though which she thinks shows a definite in the way Flaba treated the shit on his shoe ! Changing med's that people had been on with no problems for plenty of time , not letting people speak  . The list goes on , it is a long process & took so long to resolve I've already lost my full time job . I'd off been better off agreeing , buying extra pain meds for work & not saying a thing .
I cant stand injustice so will see it through to the end . Even if he's gathered his bag of swag paid to him for being a locum  & has fled the country into retirement before any complaint's catch up with him .