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At the side of each post, just below the poster's name, you'll see the word 'Karma', and two choices -- applaud and smite. The idea of this is whenever you see a post that you think of extremely high quality and contributes towards a vision of these forums that you think is desirable, you click on 'applaud', and by doing so, increase the karma of that poster.

Over time, posters whose posts are valued will increase their karma levels and that might be a clue to the reliabilit of a posters input or opinion to new members.

Alternatively, if you see a post that you believe detracts from a vision of the site that you'd like to see, click on 'smite' and said poster's karma is reduced. Stuff like inaccurate info, offensive posts, spam, etc. should all be reasons for smiting. Not liking a poster, or disagreeing with someone's opinion are *not* reasons for smiting.

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