Author Topic: Move to sugared Methadone to save money  (Read 2289 times)


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Re: Move to sugared Methadone to save money
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It's great to see the knowledge displayed by you guys OP8S and Physeptomaton, I find such discussion a rarity today.  My of the patients presenting for treatment today wouldn't even know what Diconal was. 

I am always surprised about how liberal your pharmacist's can be [if they want]  like OP8S your example of getting cyclizine OTC for some open minded dispensers.

I have to get a script for the phenergan I take even though they are OTC over here too, they just won't give you them!

The slimming tab scene was part of my progression at one stage, its a long time since I heard of  Tenuate Dospan


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Re: Move to sugared Methadone to save money
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My partner just tells my that I'm a drug bore, although it's usually someone else starting the conversation so it's best to keep it between fellow pharmaphiles these days. Good to see Physeptomaton posting again, I really enjoy his blogs & his posts are without error. I'd like to see him on Mastermind....." and your chosen subject is...." haha!

I'm still on diet meth, least that's what it says on the label. Also I have only once been given my take home in plastic bottles, 1 split so I complained. With everyone going on about shifting away from using plastic I wonder if everyone will now be changed to glass again. We could take them back & get 5p for doing so just like I used to do with lemonade bottles when I was a nipper, used to spend a lot of weekends looking through public waste bins, skips & arrived at the shop on the Monday to collect my bounty. You wouldn't catch any kid's doing that now, not unless there was a fizzy-pop bottle app on their phones. Should maybe patent that idea before FaceBook's Mark Zucherberg what's his name does!
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