My Recovery My Choice

My Recovery My Choice is the product of a joint piece of work between The Alliance and PCM Media - funded through a grant from Reckitt Benkeiser. We're very pleased and proud to have been involved in it.

There's lots of information out there about drug treatment and recovery. Some of it is straight down the line neutral advice - but a lot of it is biased towards this or that approach. There's lots of different strong opinions about different kinds of treatment. Sometimes people can spend so much time telling you that the treatment someone else offers is shit they even forget to tell you what's good about the stuff they rate - or describe it in any real detail.

We think that most treatments available in the UK can be good for some people some of the time*. We'd also say that there are some approaches - like those we have a scientific evidence base for - that are really pretty solid if you want to achieve certain outcomes. So its up to you, with the right information, to make some choices about what you want to do and where you want to go.

The thing is having the right information.

We hope that My Recovery My Choice gives you what you need to make choices about your treatment and recovery options. Its an evolving project - new stuff will be added regularly - and we'd really welcome your contributions to it. We think its an important resource and we hope you find it useful.

*The only stuff we'd exclude from this are treatments where they take sackfuls of cash off you, make you sit in a shed drinking seagrass juice and tell you that if you behave you'll get to meet the head spaceman. They probably are just shit