The Alliance was founded in 1999 by a group of committed professionals and people who have used drug treatment services working together as equals to improve the quality and availability of treatment in the UK. It arose from a belief that drug users needed a real voice in their treatment and in national and international drug policy. Our unique position has led to the Alliance being recognised by treatment providers and policy makers as an important conduit of users’ views.

We are a user led organisation which provides advocacy, training and helpline services to those currently in drug or alcohol treatment, those who have accessed treatment in the past and those who may access treatment in the future. Our work focusses on the following areas

Capacity Building
The Alliance believes there should be an active, engaged and informed service user community who are able to represent their own experience and advocate for themselves within treatment and other services.

For those who cannot advocate for themselves, specific services should be accessible and available to all who need them – providing advice and support to people in drug treatment\

The service users voice is powerful and should be heard at all levels – within their own treatment experience, in local commissioning and in national policy formation.

Building Connections
There should be an active and connected constituency supported by the Alliance comprising service users, main grade workers, families and others committed to evidence based drug treatment.

Evidencing Good Practice
The Alliance and its partners and stakeholders will be able to demonstrate, reinforce and promote the evidence base for effective drug treatment – gathering and recording individual experiences of drug treatment to inform more effective service delivery

Positive and inclusive images of and information about drug treatment should be presented and promoted to the general public and mainstream agencies and services to counter stigma, increase understanding and support inclusion